Brian Penna's '68 Camaro NMCA Super Street

Brian Penna
Brian and Sandy Penna, Penna Racing, Aqueboque, NY
648" BBC  PAR Engines
3 systems Penna/PAR
(2) #CF-450 "Golds" on nozzles
(2) #CF-400 "Silvers" on second nozzles
(2) #CF-400 "Silvers" on plennum nozzles
Performance: (as of 9-1-06)
7.04/199.50  2850 lbs.  10.5" W tires  'Glide

Brian ran just 2 events in 2005 and still finished 6th in NMCA SuperStreet 10.5W points.  Rule changes for 2006 led Brian to seek ways to lighten his Camaro. He chose Combo-Flo™ Nitrous Valves - half the weight of solenoids and the Combo-Flo™ system's near zero electrical usage allowed Brian to utilize one small, lightweight battery, instead of two heavy ones.

Brian tells us his Combo-Flo™ System has performed flawlessly, and their high flow gives him the Horsepower he needs, as evidenced by his 1/4 mile mph.  His 199.50 mph run a Reading, PA makes Brian the odds on favorite to run the class's next 200 mph pass!

Go with the flow - Combo-Flo™!
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