700" Ford Hemi/Combo-Flo™ "Company Car"

Doug Mills "BossMan"
Doug & Cathy Mills/Combo-Flo™ Nitrous Valves    Alachua, FL
700" Ford "Shotgun" Hemi Boss 429
3 systems (set of nozzles and four carb plates)
(2) #NS-500 "Blues"
(2) #FS-500 "Reds" on nozzles
(4) #CF-400 "Silvers", one on each plate

We call this motor "Old Faithful"! The cylinder heads were purchased in 1989 and run on a 632" nitrous motor. In 1992, Sonny's Automotive re-worked the heads, fab'd a new manifold, and enlarged to a 707". This motor won the '93 UDRA Championship and ran the UDRA Outlaw Nitrous ProStock's first 6 second 200 mph passes in our '93 Jerry Bickel T-Bird. Even with the 1992 vintage heads and manifold, this motor powered our 2600 lb. T-Bird to low 6.60's/208 mph in heads-up shootouts and TopSportsman through 2003.

This motor is still used as a back-up and for Combo-Flo™ developement work.  Combo-Flo™ Nitrous Valves provide both horsepower AND reliabilty for your nitrous combination.

Go with the flow - Combo-Flo™!

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