773" Ford Hemi/Combo-Flo™ "Company Car"

Doug Mills "BossMan"
Doug & Cathy Mills/Combo-Flo™ Nitrous Valves   Alachua, FL
773" Ford Hemi/Kaase Heads
4 systems  double nozzles, double pairs of plates
bottom nozzles, (2) #NS-500 "Blues" and (2) #FS-500 "Reds"
top nozzles, (2) #CF-450 "Golds"
each of (4) plates has its own #CF-400 "Silver"

This motor uses Kaase early hemi heads bolted to a 4.9 center block we've modified with deck plates. Bore 4.687"  Stroke 5.625"

In our '04 Mustang in OutLaw ProStreet (headlights, horn, brake/taillights, ect.)  2675 lbs. runs 6.40's on three system with safe, conservative tune-up.

The Combo-Flo™ Blue, Red, Gold, and Silver valves in this 4 system arrangement uses only 3.5 amps of electrical power , and replaces 16 solenoids that consumed 60 to 70 amps!

Go with the flow - Combo-Flo™!

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