Xtreme Motorsports/Wilson Manifolds  Single 4-bbl. nozzle and plates

Combo-Flo™ Dealer:
Xtreme Motorsports  Cliff Scott, Owner  Stafford, VA  540/286-2353

Cliff Scott worked with his TopSportsman customer and Wilson Manifolds to come up with this 2 system nozzles and plate for a single 4-bbl. race motor.

A left and right pair of Combo-Flo™ #CF-450 "Golds" feed the 8 nozzles while (1) each #NS-500 "Blue" and #FS-500 "Red" supply the plate.

This is a very neat and clean arrangement, and no wiring clutters the manifold.

By switching to the Combo-Flo™ System, TopSportsman and other full-tree racers utilizing a delay box have solved a major electrical problem common to heavy amp draw solenoid nitrous valves. Combo-Flo's™ AV- (or AVH-) Actuator Valve draws less than 1 amp and can be wired directly to the delay box's output. Solenoid valves draw 20 to 30 amps and exceed the output capacity of the delay box.  Problem solved by Combo-Flo™!

Go with the flow - Combo-Flo™!

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