EB3 Motorsports all aluminum 434" SBC

Combo-Flo™ Dealer:
EB3 Motorsports  Ev Bernardo, Owner  Chantilly, VA 703/378-4040 

Ev Bernardo plumbed this 434" all aluminum small block Chevy that features two systems. System one is (8) nozzles fed by left and right hand #CF-450 Combo-Flo™ "Golds".  The second system is a single plate fed by (1) each #NS-500 "Blue" and #FS-500 "Red"

Ev's chassis dyno showed 600 hp to the rear wheels on motor only.  System one's eight nozzles added another 298 hp to bring it to 900 hp to rear wheels, and system two's plate added another 190 hp.  That's 1090 rear wheel horsepower with a safe and reliable tune-up!

Absence of solenoids and their related wires makes for a neat engine compartment and easy service of race motor and components.

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