EB3 Motorsports Small Block Ford

Combo-Flo™ Dealer:
EB3 Motorsports  Ev Bernardo, Owner  Chantilly, VA 703/378-4040 

Ev Bernardo, EB3 Motorsports, installed and dyno'd his customer's nitrous system utilizing a left and righthand pair of Combo-Flo™ #CF-450 "Golds" on this 347" SB Ford single 4 bbl. with 8 nozzles.

His customer runs drag radial and 6.0 index 1/8 mile heads-up racing.

Before installing the Combo-Flo™ system, this motor's nitrous system used solenoid valves and would tend to "nip" #1 and #5 sparkplugs (indicating detonation caused by lean condition to these cylinders).  Now with the Combo-Flo™ valves in place, the cylinder temperatures and sparkplug reading were dead even during chassis dyno sessions and at the racetrack. Power adder to the rear wheels was 300+ horsepower, and the sparkplugs are HAPPY!

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