Excelsior Motorsports '98 LS1 Camaro EFI

Combo-Flo™ Dealer:
Excelsior Motorsports  Kushan Peykarian, Owner   San Diego, CA  858/565-8000 

Kushan at Excelsior Motorsports performed this design and installation on a 1998 LS1 Camaro with electronic fuel injection.

Excelsior installed aftermarket heads, cam, and a good flowing exhaust.  Their in-house chassis dyno showed 355 hp to the rear wheels on motor.

Kushan then installed two nitrous nozzles fed by a Combo-Flo™ #CF-400 "Silver" into the induction system as these photos show.  This exceptionally clean and neat system with just two nozzles made 488 hp to the rear wheels @ 5800 rpm on 91 octane pump fuel!  That's 133 horsepower gain in a streetable and reliable format.   A VERY impressive blend of Combo-Flo™ nitrous with late model EFI technology.

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