Excelsior Motorsports '99 Corvette

Combo-Flo™ Dealer:
Excelsior Motorsports  Kushan Peykarian, Owner   San Diego, CA  858/565-8000 

Kushan Peykarian at Excelsior Motorsports designed and installed this 8 nozzle nitrous system on a 1999 Corvette C5 5.7 L with Auto trans. Car has stock bore and stroke with aftermarket rods and pistons, cam, and headers. Excelsior fab'd a custom 3" exhaust system.

The 8 nozzles are fed by two Combo-Flo™ #CF-400 "Silvers", via Kushan's custom plumbing.

This combination was put on Excelsior's in-house chassis dyno and produced 556 hp to the rear wheels.

This car ran mid 10's at 130 mph at 3000 ft. altitude with a stock torque converter and a 1200 rpm launch.  An aftermarket torque converter is coming soon, additional performance to follow!

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