Our ½” drive sockets fit directly on to the crank shaft snout and key, and feature a flange and two tapped holes to attach our 8” degree wheel. Our Universal pointer has ¼”, 5/16” and 3/8” threads and installs into front cover bolt holes. You can find TDC, remove the Crank Snout Socket, make cam timing change, and reinstall socket/degree wheel assembly and not have to re-find TDC.

Available in these models:
  Model 250S Small Block Chevy $40.00 each
  Model 375SD Ford and Pontiac (has 3/16” and ¼” keyways) $45.00 each
  Model 531S Mopar $40.00 each
  Model 600S Big Block Chevy $40.00 each
  Model D100 Degree Wheel $30.00 each
  Model P2538 Pointer $20.00 each
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