"These are the Original Hard Chrome Plated Steel Hite-Mikes! Don't accept those cheap aluminum knock-offs you may have seen advertised.... they are just plain inferior to our Original MSP Steel Hite-Mike."

Installed Height Micrometer

Mills Specialty Products invented and introduced the original Hite-Mike in 1976. The Hite-Mike has since become a standard and preferred method of valve spring installed height measurement around the world from drag racing to NASCAR.

The Hite-Mike installs on the valve and retainer assembly as if it were a valve spring and reads installed height dimensions directly. The expanding force of the tool simulates valve spring pressure for more accurate readings. It’s a real time saver!

Available in four different height ranges.
  Model 1318B 1.300” to 1.850” $79.50 each
  Model 1521A 1.500” to 2.100” $79.50 each
  Model 1723C 1.700” to 2.300” $79.50 each
  Model 1827D 1.800” to 2.700” $99.50 each

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