Think of this AV- Actuator Valve as you would think of a Relay in a solenoid valve conventional system.

With Solenoid System: the nitrous timer output wire runs to an electric relay, where "a little electricity" from the timer turns on "a lot of electricity" to actuate the high current draw nitrous solenoids.

With the Combo-Flo™ System: the nitrous timer output wire runs to the AV- Actuator Valve, where "a little electricity" from the timer turns on the 100-150 psi actuator presure to open the Combo-Flo nitrous valves.
Compact electrically operated actuator valves open the Combo-Flo™ nitrous/fuel valves.

Our miniature AV- actuator valves can actuate one, two or more Combo-Flo™ valves. These are self manifolding devices. Up to five AV- actuator valves can manifold together so all of your nitrous systems will operate from one pressurized input. Multiple systems can be operated by the same digital timers or any other device you are currently using. This makes upgrading to Combo-Flo™ valves easy.

One AV- actuator valve is needed for each nitrous system; therefore each nitrous system only uses 0.6 amps! In our experiments, an entire system can be operated with a 9 VDC transistor radio battery!! They operate on 12-16 volts. CO2 or compressed air can be used. You’ll need a clean dependable source of 100-150 psi gas. Consumption of gas is minimal.

The AV Actuator Valves that operate the Combo-Flo™ Valves can manifold together.

Coil Power-Up Lugs 12-16 VDC (not polarity sensitive)

Coil Mounting Nut (loosen nut and coil can be rotated to any orientation)

Vent (relieves actuator pressure at shut off)
1/8 NPT inlet (100-150 psi supply required)
1/8 NPT Plug provided (plug one of the two inlet ports and use the other)
Mounting Bracket
1/8 NPT outlet port (to Combo-Flo™ Valves)
This lug is not used

Single nitrous system, use AV-1.  Multi-nitrous systems use an Actuator Valve for each system;  AV-2 for two systems, AV-3 for three systems, ect.

Race application with four nitrous systems. #AV-4 Actuator Valve mounted on inside firewall, utilizing bulkhead fittings to route lines to engine.
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