Combo-Flo Silver easily plumbs to a
pair of nitrous plates
Combo-Flo Silver on a
Nozzle System

1/8” NPT to ¼” O.D. Tubing Fittings (#101 & #102)
Flexible ¼ tubing delivers the pressurized CO2 from the source to single or multiple AV- actuator bank using available straight or swivel elbow fittings.

5/32” Bulkhead Unions (#105)
Quick connect bulkhead unions are a great way to take the 5/32 color coded tubing through the firewall.

#10-32 to 5/32” Tubing Fittings (#108 & 109)
The Combo-Flo™ actuator port uses a #10-32 quick connect fitting. These are available as straight or swivel elbow fittings and use the color coding caps.

1/8” to 5/32” Tubing Fittings (#103 & #104)
All pneumatic hose fittings are available in straight or swivel elbows and are quick disconnect type. Fitting caps are available in matching colors so systems can be color coded.

AV- Actuator Valves (AV-)
Compact electrically operated actuator valves open the Combo-Flo™ nitrous/fuel valves.

5/32” Tubing Splitters (#106, 107 & 111)
Splitters are available in “T”, “Y” or 1/8 NPT to 5/32” Branch “T” tubing configurations.

Combo-Flo™ Silver Valve
Pneumatically operated, makes horsepower without robbing electrical power.

CO2 Tank

CO2 Tank to AV-1 using #101 straight fitting at tank with #102 swivel elbow at AV-1 inlet and #104 swivel elbow mounted on the top of AV-1 at the outlet

Details listed in B plus 5/32 color coded red tubing and caps attaching to Combo-Flo™ Silver using #108 straight fitting

Details listed in C plus Nitrous and Fuel outlets plumbed to plate dispensing Nitrous and Fuel

Details Listed in C plus #106 Union “T” in 5/32 tubing to actuate a second Combo-Flo™ Silver

Same as listed in E using #107 Union “Y” instead of #106 Union “T”

Same as listed in E using #111 Branch “T” on AV-1 outlet
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