Read Carefully
  • Required CO2/Air pressure 100 PSI minimum – 150 PSI maximum

  • Use a small drop of Loctite Blue or Purple on the #10-32 fitting into the Combo-Flo™ valves actuator port

  • A three way actuation valve is required to actuate the Combo-Flo™ valves (a three way valve delivers pressure when actuated and allows this pressure to vent off into the atmosphere when released). A simple two way valve (on/off) CANNOT be used because the Combo-Flo™ valves will not shut off until it’s internal cylinder has vented to zero pressure (atmosphere).

  • The FS-500 (Fuel Single) and the fuel circuits for parts #CF-400 and CF-450 (Combo-Flo™ Silver and Combo-Flo™ Gold) are designed for gasoline only. Consult the factory for use with any other fuel.

  • Do not exceed 1250 psi Nitrous Oxide pressure.

  • The inlet ports of Combo-Flo™ valves are labeled in and the outlet ports are labeled out. Nitrous ports are labeled “N” and/or color coded blue. Fuel ports are labeled “F” and/or color coded red.

  • The Combo-Flo™ CF-400 and CF-450 clear plastic cover allows observation of the valve’s actuation. ­Note: a .015 to .020 valve lash (gap) is required between the T-Bar and each set of adjuster nuts (this assures that the spring-loaded valve stem rest firmly on their respective valve seats)
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