Week after week, Combo-Flo equipped cars are Racing and Winning!
Here are some of the latest "High Achievers

7/20/08 Jeff Colletta wins Joliet NMCA Race!
In a GREAT final, Jeff's 2000 Camaro ran a 7.578/181.86 to defeat Kevin Parrott's 7.631

Jeff had an .034 RT to Kevin's .036 That's GOOD Drag Racing! Jeff's Lafferty Engines 632" utilizes Combo-Flo Big Blues

7/18/08 Congratulations to John DeCerbo on DoorWars Win!
John DeCerbo continues his victories at Norwalk, Ohio, winning the DoorWars battle with a fine 4.097 over Jeff Ballard's 4.165. And remember, this HOT July, and John runs an Automatic! Great job, John! John runs a complete four system Combo-Flo package utilizing a combination of Big Blue and Mini Blue Nitrous valves.

6-8-08 Congratulations to Jeff Colletta on NMCA Win!
Jeff Colletta took his Lafferty Engines powered 2000 Camaro to the Nostalgia ProStreet win at the NMCA Race at ATCO Sunday. Jeff had a great .006 lite and won with a fine 7.71/182.77. Jeff had earlier set the MPH record at 191.92 in Bowling Green in May.

This class is restricted to one system with #32 max nitrous jets. Jeff's car is equippped with Combo-Flo "Big Blue" Nitrous Valves.

6/7/08 World's fastest Automatic ProMod uses Combo-Flo!
Congratulations to John DeCerbo, winner of the Inaugural Pinks Quick 8 race at Norwalk, Ohio and who's final round pass of 6.27/222, with a 4.05/177 half track time, earns John the honor of "World's fastest Nitrous Automatic ProMod"! And all of this done in hot, muggy 93 degree track conditions!

John is a high quality racer with a reputation for chosing the finest equipment. His immaculate racecar is powered 738" Fulton motor equipped with Combo-Flo Nitrous and Fuel valves. We are proud John chose Combo-Flo for his winning combination.

5/17/08 Congratulations to Buzz Varner and crew members Luther and Jamie
#1 qualifier at 4.09 and Q8 ProMod Association winner at the race in Roxboro NC These guys know how to get the Don Plemmons '63 Corvette down a track and into the Winners Circle! Their Fulton motor is equipped with Combo-Flo #NS-500 "Big Blues"

5/10/08 Congratulations to Steve Kirk, Jr. and the entire Kirk Speed & Automotive Crew
Steve pulled into the Valdosta, GA track with a brand new car, first time out, and left with a New ADRL Extreme 10.5 ET and MPH record 4.26/176 His 800" Fulton motor is equipped with Combo-Flo "Blues"

4/5/08 Congratulations to Harold Caldwell Motorsports
Harold's Charlie Dolbin driven Mustang took the 10.5 class win at Cecil County Raceway in Maryland His choice of nitrous valves - Combo-Flo "Mini-Reds" & "Mini-Blues"

12/12/07 Buzz Varner wins Q8 ProMod Championship!
Buzz and crew had a GREAT season, taking the Don Plemmons owned ProMod Corvette to numerous wins and tallying the most points at season's end to win the prestigious Quick 8 ProMod Championship. Congratulations Buzz! Buzz tells us his Combo-Flo "Blue" nitrous valves performed flawlessly the entire season, and will be on-board as he attacks the 2008 Season!

11/28/07 Congratulations to Joe Morgan!
NJBA Jet Boat racer Joe Morgan of Yorba Linda, CA had a great year, winning his 2007 Championship. Joe's jet boat, the "Red Dragon" is powered by 562 cid BBC built by DNE
Sports of Costa Mesa, CA, a Combo-Flo Dealer/Installer. DNE installed a single nitrous nozzle system using Combo-Flo #NS-500 nitrous and #FS-500 fuel valve.

11/28/07 Congratulations to Ev Bernardo!
Hot Rod Magazine Drag Week Winner Ev Bernardo of EB3 Motorsports, a Combo-Flo Dealer/Installer, built their own '94 Mustang Stock Suspension racecar and a 434" SBC Twin Turbo and won class at the Hot Rod Drag Week, and third overall. Ev uses a Combo-Flo #NS-500 "Blue" to control the launch boost PSI. Ev has run 7.90 @ 180 mph with this unique combination.

11/28/07 Congratulations to Nick Bernardo!
'69 Camaro Drag Radial racecar Nick Bernardo took his Camaro to a 2nd place points finish at Old Dominian Dragway in the tough 6.0 Miller Lite Class. Running on 275-60-15 drag radials, his 434" SBC features nozzles fed by Combo-Flo "Golds" and a single plate supplied by Combo-Flo "Blue" and "Red" valves. Nick's car shows Combo-Flo's make power,AND they are extremely consistent.

8/11/07 Buzz Varner Wins again!
Buzz Varner has shown he's as hot as the Carolina heat wave that gripped the area all week, with yet another Quick 8 race win at Mooresville Saturday Nite. Despite the heat, he set low ET of the event with a fine 4.071 and bested Ronnie Hood 4.10 to 4.13 in a great final. Their Gene Fulton prepared and Combo-Flo equipped nitrous system has performed flawlessly all year long.

7/7/07 Congratulations Buzz Varner!
Congratulations to Buzz Varner on a great semi-finals finish at his first ADRL Race at the MotorMile in Virgina   

7/3/07 Congratulations Buzz Varner!
Hearty congratulations to Buzz Varner and Crew, their 4th straight Quick 8 Racers Association win! Buzz drove the Don Plemmons '63 Corvette to a 4.06 to 4.05 win over "Trickie" Ricky Smih

6/23/07 Congratulations Buzz Varner!
Roxboro Dragstrip, Buzz Varner makes it 3 straight Quick 8 win

6/9/07 Congratulations Buzz Varner!
Congratulations to Buzz Varner and Crew for another Quick 8 win at Mooresville, NC Two in a row!

5/27/07 Congratulations Buzz Varner!
Buzz Varner wins Memorial Day Weekend Quick * Racers Association race at Farmington, NC with a winning time of 4.10

1/28/07  Congratulations Darrell Beller of N. Ft. Myers, FL
Winner!  Automatic Outlaw ProMod at the U.S. Street Nationals Event at Bradenton Mtrspt. Park. 6.886/201.79 - Combo-Flo Nitrous & Fuel Valves on two systems

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